Create an Intentional League Experience: Inspire Your Volunteers and Host a Successful Coach Training

A Webinar with Jennifer McCraw & Joel Flaugher

In the second episode of the four-part Intentional League Experience webinar series by Upward Sports, Jennifer and Joel share valuable insights on how to inspire volunteers and coaches, and host a successful coach training session. This comprehensive guide aims to help sports ministry leaders create an engaging and meaningful experience for their volunteers, ultimately leading to a more impactful outreach in their communities.

Inspiring Volunteers and Coaches

Volunteers and coaches are the lifeblood of any sports ministry, and keeping them motivated and inspired is crucial. Joel emphasizes the importance of serving your volunteer team, visiting them during practices and games, sending personal messages, seeking their opinions, and surprising and delighting them with small gestures. These simple yet thoughtful acts make volunteers feel valued, appreciated, and part of a greater mission.

Recruiting Coaches

For new or expanding sports ministries, recruiting coaches can be a challenge. Joel suggests being proactive and leveraging opportunities like player registrations and evaluations to actively seek potential coaches. Creating a welcoming and organized environment during these events can encourage parents to volunteer as coaches or assistants.

Hosting a Meaningful Coach Training

A well-planned and engaging coach training session sets the tone for a successful sports ministry season. Joel recommends organizing a single, mandatory training event that is detailed and structured, yet enjoyable. Key components include:

  1. Setting the Stage – Create a welcoming environment with refreshments, open with a prayer, cast the vision for your sports ministry, and emphasize the importance of devotions. Share success stories from seasoned coaches to inspire new volunteers.
  2. Logistics and Resources – Provide clear logistics on practice schedules, game day procedures, and where to seek help. Highlight the available resources, such as coach playbooks, practice plans, skills and drills videos, and the Upward Sports Coach App.
  3. Building Community – Break coaches into groups based on experience or grade levels to foster relationships and a sense of community. Emphasize the importance of the “circle of affirmation” and working together as a team.

The Upward Sports Coach App

The Upward Sports Coach App is a powerful tool that equips coaches with everything they need for a successful season. Key features include:

  • Team Management – Coaches can manage their team roster, add player jersey numbers, and access contact information for parents and players.
  • Practice and Game Planning – With detailed practice plans, devotions, skills and drills videos, and rule explanations, coaches can confidently prepare for every practice and game.
  • Communication Tools – The app allows coaches to send emails or text messages to their team, ensuring seamless communication throughout the season.
  • Game Day Preparation – Coaches can assign player positions for each quarter, ensuring they are fully prepared for game day.

By following the strategies outlined in this webinar, sports ministry leaders can inspire their volunteers, host a meaningful coach training, and leverage the Upward Sports Coach App to provide an exceptional experience for coaches, players, and families alike.

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