Partnering with churches to leverage sports in their community.

Building a relevant thriving, local sports program has never been easier! Lets Win.

Baseball and Softball are here!!

See how we’ve partnered with other churches to reach their community. Let us support your church through sports outreach and invite your community in.

Is your church looking to engage with your community?

We understand the importance of community! We also understand that each church is unique in their approach. Our desire is to come alongside of your church to advance your mission and promote Jesus through the avenue of sports. As we learn about your outreach efforts, together we will customize your experience. By leveraging the power of sports to create gospel and connection opportunities, relationships are formed!

Our RENEWED FOCUS towards sports ministry outreach will allow your church to experience:

Customizable Sports Package

Design a unique program experience with your community and church needs in mind. We know one size doesn’t fit all!

Multiple Sports Options

Leagues are designed to include practice and game-days for 6-12 weeks, based on the timeline you create. A great way to engage your community and congregation! Outside of a league experience - Camps, Clinics, and one day Connect events support your sports ministry.

Affordable For All churches

As a self-sustaining ministry, you can start a sports experience anytime during the year. This is a great alternative to other youth sports leagues that have yearly and annual fees. We want to keep your costs low so you can impact all families in your community!

Ministry Materials

Outreach is key! We come alongside you to supply weekly devotions, outreach ideas, Gospel presentation materials, collaboration with other ministry leaders, communication tools, and much more. We want to support you as you share the Gospel and build relationships.

Basketball, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball

Let us customize your experience and show you these resources!

Since 1995, we have walked with thousands of churches to use sports as a tool to reach their community. Partnering together with us, you choose and decide the best sports package to support your ministry goals. Download the "Upward Sports Benefits" today!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to start an Upward league at my church?

Customize your player package based on your budget. With no annual or yearly fees, Upward Sports is a self sustaining ministry.

What sports do you offer?

Basketball, cheerleading, flag football, soccer, volleyball, baseball and softball

What do I need to get started?

If your church has access to a gym, field, or parking lot and a desire to reach the community, we can provide you with all the resources you need!

Do you only work with churches?

We enjoy working not only with churches, but also with christian schools and other non profits.

Do you come to my church and run my league?

As a trusted ministry partner, we provide resources, tools, and support for you to support your volunteers. Upward Sports will be a ministry of your church.

Are you ready to increase your reach into your community?

Schedule a call and customize your sports experience and league timeline. Decide what is best for your church from resources, apparel, ministry materials, promotion tools, sport specific coach playbooks, communication system, drafting software and much more. We want to support your outreach ministry, freeing you to serve families in your community. We are a part of your team!

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