Create an Intentional League Experience: Hospitality = Connections Formed

A Webinar with Jennifer McCraw & Pastor Danny Franks

The Intentional League Experience webinar series by Upward Sports focused on providing valuable insights and strategies for churches and league directors to create a meaningful experience through their sports programs. The series spanned four episodes, with the fourth and final episode delving into the topic of “Hospitality = Connections Formed.”

Hospitality: The Key to Lasting Connections

Hosted by Jennifer and featuring special guest Danny Franks, Pastor of Guest Services and Events at Summit Church, this insightful episode explored the critical role of hospitality in fostering lasting connections with families and communities.

The Curse of Knowledge and Thinking Outside the Box

Danny emphasized the importance of recognizing the “curse of knowledge,” where organizers often assume that attendees share their level of understanding. He encouraged league directors and volunteers to think beyond the game itself and consider the entire experience from the perspective of newcomers, addressing potential areas of confusion or uncertainty.

Upward Sports: More Than Just a Game

The discussion underscored that Upward Sports is not merely about athletics but rather a powerful catalyst for churches to build relationships and share the gospel. Danny challenged participants to actively seek ways to connect families with the church community, fostering a sense of belonging that transcends the sports league.

Practical Strategies for Exceptional Hospitality

Throughout the webinar, Danny provided practical strategies to enhance the hospitality experience, including:

  • Implementing focus groups to gather feedback from families
  • Identifying key areas for improvement through surveys and open-ended questions
  • Acknowledging and addressing mistakes with humility and action plans
  • Leveraging volunteer teams dedicated to welcoming and assisting guests
  • Developing guest experience pathways to keep families engaged beyond the sports season

The Importance of Connection and Community

Ultimately, the webinar emphasized the significance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that extends beyond the sports league. By focusing on hospitality and fostering lasting connections, churches can leverage Upward Sports as a powerful tool for outreach, relationship-building, and the discovery of Jesus in their communities.

Embracing a Mindset of Service and Hospitality

Jennifer and Danny encouraged participants to adopt a mindset of service and hospitality, recognizing that the experience families have at Upward Sports events can leave a lasting impression and potentially open doors for further engagement with the church and the gospel message.

As the webinar series came to a close, attendees were encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions for future topics, underscoring the commitment of Upward Sports to continuously improve and provide valuable resources for churches and league directors.

With a focus on hospitality, connection, and creating memorable experiences, the Intentional League Experience webinar series by Upward Sports equipped churches and league directors with practical strategies to make a lasting impact through their sports programs and ultimately further the mission of sharing the gospel.

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