Create an Intentional League Experience: Leverage Your Outreach by Using Ministry Resources Effectively

A Webinar with Jennifer McCraw & Ron Daniels

In the third episode of the Upward Sports Webinar Series, the focus shifted to leveraging ministry resources effectively to maximize outreach efforts. The webinar aimed to equip churches, both new and experienced, with practical strategies and tools to enhance their sports ministry programs.

The Importance of Sports Ministry

The session kicked off by highlighting the significance of sports ministry as a powerful tool for community engagement. Sports serve as a unifying language, transcending cultural barriers and fostering connections with diverse groups. The webinar emphasized that sports ministry presents a unique opportunity to reach families and build intentional relationships within the community.

Resources for Effective Ministry

The core of the webinar centered around showcasing various resources available to churches through the Upward Sports program. These resources, developed based on feedback from partner churches, are designed to support coaches, engage parents, and ultimately lead children and families to Christ.

Devotion Tracks and Practice Devotions

Participants learned about the two devotion track options – biblical virtues and biblical themes – which cater to different age groups and spiritual backgrounds. The practice devotions, accompanied by the new “Scouting Report,” provide coaches with guidance and background information, empowering them to confidently lead devotions during practices.

Coach Connection Guides and Parent Companions

The webinar highlighted the importance of fostering relationships with coaches through the Coach Connection Guides. These guides offer questions aligned with weekly devotions, enabling league directors to engage with coaches and support their spiritual growth. Additionally, the Parent Companions offer age-specific resources for parents, encouraging spiritual conversations within families.

Halftime Devotion Resources and Gospel Video Library

Halftime devotion resources provide concise and engaging devotions for halftime speakers, ensuring efficient and impactful delivery. The Gospel Video Library, refreshed annually, offers high-quality videos that clearly present the gospel message, allowing churches to share the good news effectively with families and children.

Follow-Up Guides

Newly introduced, the Follow-Up Guides are designed specifically for children who have made a decision to follow Christ. These interactive guides walk them through next steps in their spiritual journey, fostering discipleship and continued growth.

Implementing Resources Effectively

Throughout the webinar, practical tips and best practices were shared on implementing these resources effectively. Strategies such as scheduling emails, leveraging the Gospel Video Library during season celebrations, and facilitating halftime devotions on outdoor fields were discussed to maximize impact.

Reaching the Community for Christ

The webinar emphasized the ultimate goal of sports ministry – reaching the community for Christ. By utilizing these resources strategically, churches can create intentional connections, minister to coaches, engage families, and ultimately present the gospel message to children and their families.

Whether you’re considering starting a sports ministry or an experienced league director, the Upward Sports Webinar Series provides valuable insights and practical tools to leverage your outreach efforts effectively. By implementing these resources, you can maximize the impact of your sports ministry and create opportunities for families to encounter the transformative message of the gospel.

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