Create an Intentional League Experience: How to Manage Your League Timeline and Get the Word Out

A Webinar with Jennifer McCraw & Holly Howard

In this first episode of the four-part webinar series, Jennifer and Holly from Upward Sports share valuable insights on how to effectively manage your league timeline and promote your Upward Sports league. They discuss key steps to ensure a successful and well-organized season, from setting registration dates and fees to leveraging advertising resources to reach your community.

Mapping Out Your League Timeline

Holly emphasizes the importance of carefully planning your league timeline to make or break your season. The first step is determining the sport and season you’ll be running. Once decided, you’ll need to set four primary dates:

  1. Registration opening date
  2. Player evaluation dates
  3. First practice date
  4. First game date and the number of games in the season (typically 6-8 weeks)


Effective communication is crucial throughout the registration process. Clearly outline all details, including grades, evaluation dates/times, and what parents can expect, on your online registration page.

Setting Participant Registration Fees

Upward Sports offers a customizable experience, and registration fees should cover expenses like facility rental, equipment, referee payments, player/coach items (uniforms, awards), and end-of-season celebrations. Jennifer and Holly recommend utilizing Upward’s budget template and estimator tool to determine the appropriate registration fee for your league.

The national average registration fee for basketball leagues ranges from $80 to $100 per player, allowing churches to generate revenue for their sports ministry while offering a competitive and high-quality experience.

Advertising Your League with Upward's Resources

Effective advertising is crucial for reaching potential participants in your community. Jennifer recommends advertising your league for at least 8-10 weeks, utilizing multiple avenues. Upward provides various advertising resources, including:

  • Promo cards (customizable with QR codes and registration links)
  • Posters (digital and print versions)
  • Social media memes
  • Advertising page with logos and graphics


Additionally, Upward offers new services to enhance your advertising efforts:

  1. Social Media Assistance ($495) – Upward manages social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger for 6-8 weeks, targeting parents within a 35-40 mile radius of your church.
  2. Custom School Awareness ($35 per school) – Upward contacts local schools to distribute promo cards (subject to approval).


Creative advertising ideas shared include involving church groups, hosting a “School Teacher Promo Day,” utilizing yard signs/banners, and exploring radio advertising.


Jennifer and Holly’s insightful webinar provides a comprehensive guide to managing your Upward Sports league timeline, setting appropriate registration fees, and leveraging Upward’s advertising resources to reach your community effectively. By following their expert advice, churches can create an intentional and successful league experience while sharing the gospel through sports.

Looking to start and plan an Upward Sports Ministry at your church? We are ready to support you!

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