America's favorite pastime, where your community will experience fun, family & friends!

Baseball & Softball are here!

Baseball & Softball are here!

Upward Baseball & Softball is now available as a fully-supported league, camp, and clinic offering. Does your church have a passionate leader who is looking to impact families through their love of baseball or softball? If so, let us support your church in launching this sport!

Your community will have a place to gather and your sports outreach ministry will continue to grow as we provide your church with ministry resources, advertising materials, first-class apparel, sport-specific resources and a network of like-minded church leaders.

Upward Sports Baseball & Softball are a grand slam!

Families are choosing Upward Baseball & Softball because:

  • Other baseball and softball leagues require an extreme level of time commitment. An Upward league includes 1 hour of practice time and 1 hour of gameplay each week while still focusing on players’ skill development.


  • New sports experiences are important. With an Upward league, kids are able to try something new and learn a new sport. By offering a new sport, you attract volunteers and leaders that are passionate. 


  • The environment is one of encouragement and fun! This is not an atmosphere of “win at all costs.” Fun, family and friends make your baseball or softball league where the community will want to be.


Be part of the launch of Upward Baseball & Softball!

Stay Connected to all things baseball & softball as this fun sports offering is rolled out. We will have fun giveaways that you will not want to miss!

Interested in starting an Upward Sports Baseball or Softball league?

We are ready to support you through a customized approach! Schedule your call today and map out your league experience.

Step up to the plate! Offer an intentional baseball or softball league where families choose to play.

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