What Sports are Played in the Spring?

Corinna Ramirez, Writer | Upward Sports

Youth sports are an important part of a child’s development. There is always a sport in season, but what sport is offered depends on the time of the year. With the weather warming up as spring approaches, you may wonder what sports are played in the spring. Here is a look at some of the most popular sports played in the spring and why they are important.

Top 5 Spring Sports

1. Soccer

Perhaps the most popular sport is soccer, played in both the fall and the spring. As a team sport, soccer requires communication between players on a team and is important in helping children learn about teamwork. Soccer also provides an excellent workout for players. On the field, players sprint and run, allowing them to increase their stamina. Through keeping control of the soccer ball, children can also improve their coordination skills.

2. Volleyball

Another popular sport is volleyball. While there isn’t as much running in volleyball as in soccer, players are still consistently active when on the court. This fast-paced game allows players to work on staying focused and improving their hand-eye coordination. Like soccer, teamwork is essential in volleyball and allows players to learn good communication.

3. Track and Field

Track and Field is a popular spring sport that encompasses different activities including running, jumping, and throwing. This sport allows participants to compete in specific events, whether that be sprinting for short distances or running longer distances. There is an opportunity for individual achievements in this sport. Whether a participant is working to achieve a faster run time or achieve a longer jump, this helps to improve a participant’s discipline.

4. Baseball and Softball

Unlike soccer and volleyball, baseball and softball are slower-paced sports but offer just as many benefits. Players learn to play different positions, all requiring a specific focus. Players increase their strength and hand-eye coordination by hitting, throwing, and catching the ball. Like soccer and volleyball, teamwork is essential in both baseball and softball and allows players to learn communication skills.

5. Pickleball

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport. With the ability to be played either indoors or outdoors, pickleball is an excellent spring sport. While there are some similarities between pickleball and tennis, there are some key differences between the two including: The court used for pickleball is smaller than in tennis; Pickleball uses paddles and balls that are lighter than the rackets and balls used in tennis; Pickleball matches are shorter than tennis matches. The rules for pickleball are easy to learn, allowing participants of any experience level to start playing. It provides excellent cardio benefits for participants, too.

These are the top five spring sports for youth, and Upward Sports currently offers soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball through the current league offerings. Upward Sports is the ministry partner of choice for most churches and offers the tools you need to start and run a successful spring sports league or camp. As these are spring sports, Upward Sports allows your church to choose your timeline and the best time to offer your sport based on your church and community calendar. Upward Sports can help you create a detailed timeline for running a league or camp, including when to begin advertising, registration, practices, and games. Player packages are customizable and allow you to choose which items you offer. Through partnering with Upward Sports, your church can offer a league where families gather and help children discover Jesus through sports.

Is your church interested in using sports to reach your community? We are ready to partner with you.

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