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Upward Sports Volleyball is here!

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As a full league offering, volleyball will add momentum to your sports ministry. Do you have a love for God and a love for young people? Do you have a court and a net? If YES to these questions, we can support you with everything else. From technology, advertising material, ministry resources, apparel, and even volleyball sport-specific resources, we will come alongside you to impact your community and maximize your ministry reach!
Why Upward Volleyball?

  • Volleyball is one of the fastest growing indoor sport for both boys and girls.
  • It can create opportunities for your church to reach a new segment of your community with the Gospel.
  • Volleyball can help your church attract an older age group of athletes.
  • It requires fewer volunteers than any other Upward League sport.
  • Volleyball was the most requested new sport offering by existing Upward Sports church partners.

“By offering volleyball to our community, we were able to reach a new segment of players and their families. Offering a new experience in your sports ministry keeps what you do fresh to the community and allows you to be relevant in your sport offerings.”

Interested in starting an Upward Sports Volleyball league?

We are ready to support you and create your customized approach to sports! Schedule a call today and share your ministry objectives with us.

Stay connected on all things Upward Volleyball as fall and spring leagues launch in communities around the country.

We will even have fun give-a-ways along the way!

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