Upward Sports: Empowering Churches With Sports Ministry - Live Q&A Webinar Replay

A Webinar with Travis Vaughn & Jennifer McCraw

A Sports Ministry Driven Approach

Upward Sports is a pioneering organization that equips churches with comprehensive sports ministry programs, enabling them to reach families and share the gospel within their communities effectively. Recognizing the universal appeal of sports, Upward Sports provides a unique platform for churches to connect with individuals and families in a way that traditional outreach methods may not achieve.

Diverse Sports Offerings

At the core of Upward Sports’ offerings are various sports programs tailored to different age groups and interests. These include basketball leagues with cheerleading options, as well as league formats, camps, and clinics for flag football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball. Upward Sports is also embracing new trends by piloting pickleball programs and acquiring Run for God, which will be rebranded as Upward Running.

How much does it cost to run an Upward Sports league?

Upward Sports offers a customizable approach, allowing churches to choose the package that best fits their budget and community needs. There are no yearly or annual fees, and churches can work with Upward Sports consultants to create a tailored solution that aligns with their goals and resources.

How can we witness to participants in our Upward Sports league?

Upward Sports programs seamlessly integrate ministry elements, such as weekly devotions during practices, intentional gospel presentations, halftime devotions during games, gospel videos, and end-of-season celebrations. This approach equips churches to share the gospel and connect with families in a meaningful and engaging manner.

What is the best way to recruit good referees?

Upward Sports suggests asking coaches and parents to volunteer as referees, incorporating referee costs into player fees, or hiring referees from local schools. The organization is also working on providing better referee training resources in the future.

What is Upward Sports' plan for the future?

Upward Sports is committed to continuous innovation, with plans to launch pickleball and running programs, explore adult sports offerings, and introduce new features like volunteer management tools, parent logins, and tournament integration.

By combining sports, ministry, and comprehensive support, Upward Sports empowers churches to create a lasting impact within their communities, reaching families and sharing the gospel through the universal language of sports.

Looking to start an Upward Sports Ministry at your church? We are ready to support you!

Learn more at www.upward.org/church-leaders 


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