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TOPIC: Episode 2 – “Inspire your volunteers & host a successful coach training”

You cannot run your league without volunteers. In fact, coaches are a key component. We want to help you inspire your leaders. Join us as we discuss keyways to recruit new leaders and inspire them to serve in ministry. We will also discuss how to lead a successful Upward Sports coach training and feature the new coach app.
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Webinar Series

2021 Webinar Series - "Community Heroes"

Titled “Community Heroes”, this season’s webinar series from Upward Sports will provide invaluable information to church leaders, sports directors, and volunteer leaders on how local churches are changing the game by creating customized sport experiences, offering new sports to their communities, and utilizing the improved technology, all offered through Upward’s new initiative called Project Select. Hear stories from Upward church partners across the country who are bringing their communities together in innovative ways through their sports ministry. We hope that this series inspires and encourages others to continue to labor in the Gospel work of making Jesus known through the power of sports.

2020 Webinar Series - "Uplift"

May 21 - June 4, 2020

Uplift is a webinar series from Upward Sports made for church leaders, ministry directors and volunteer leaders. You are invited to hear directly from experts in the fields of disease control, hygiene, communications, mental health and more to gain invaluable information about safely and thoughtfully reconvening in your community as shelter-in-place requirements are lifting. At Upward Sports, we are big fans of churches across the nation and the communities they serve. By offering conversations on pressing topics related to gathering again, we hope to cut through some of the noise and offer clear, well-informed guidance.

Episode 1 | May 21

Safe Sports Ministry

Episode 2 | May 28

Exercising Wisdom As You Restart Your Sports Ministry

Important insights on the intersection of faith, medicine and public health.

Episode 3 | June 4

Communicating Your Plan For Re-Opening

The importance of having an effective communication strategy as you re-open and re-engage with in-person ministry.

Episode 4 | June 11

Church Facility Sanitization & Infection Control

What you need to know to prepare your space for community gatherings - the differences between cleaning, sanitization and disinfecting, and 4 principles to help you build trust when gathering again.

Episode 5 | June 18

Emotional Health: Helping Kids & Families Process COVID-19

The current state of mental health, particularly how youth are affected and some tangible ways to come alongside others in the trauma they are experiencing.

Episode 6 | June 25

Rethinking Sports Ministry

The importance of having an effective communication strategy as you re-open and re-engage with in-person ministry

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