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Upward Cheerleading


Upward Cheerleading introduces athletes to the basics of the sport. Cheerleaders will learn numerous cheers, chants, and pom routines while discovering how to engage and excite the crowd.

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Upward Cheerleading


Hosted by local churches, cheerleading leagues offer an extended, multi-month opportunity for character-building, athletic development, and the formation of deep relationships between teammates and coaches. Squads will learn creative cheers and basic routines throughout the season, all while providing excitement and energy on game day!

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The 2018-2019 flag football cheerleading league uniform colors are featured here. 



Basketball cheerleading league uniform colors for 2018-2019 are featured on the next slide. The items displayed are strong representations of what you may receive and are subject to change.

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Upward Cheerleading


During one-day cheer clinics, coaches focus on building out the basics and providing an overview to all elements of cheerleading. To maximize the amount of development in the short time frame, the foundations and fundamentals of the sport are the focus and the intentional cheer skill instruction is presented in a fun, fast-paced environment.

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