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Learn about the innovation that's happening at Upward to benefit your sports ministry experience.

Upward Volleyball is Here

Find out more details on the launch of Upward Volleyball and what this league offering could look like for your church. We provide the resources to fully equip your church to step into this new sports ministry, allowing you to create a league experience customized to your unique community.

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Why Project Select

We have been listening and working on what we can do to make your local sports ministry a better experience. We have developed some big improvements while setting the foundation for future updates.

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Changes to Sizing

With Project Select there will be a fundamental change to the way we do sizing. Find out about that change, as well as key information on sizing stations and exchanges.

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MyUpward and
More to Come

Find out about some of the big changes coming to MyUpward with the release of Project Select. Plus a special announcement about a new recreation sport offering.

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Changes to the Way You get League Items

League orders, player boxes, and the processing and shipping times will have some slight changes this year. See exactly what these changes are and what it will look like when you receive them.

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Changes to League Creation and Product Selection

You now have the ability to build the league that is best for you and your local community. Find out what changes are coming.

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