The Impact of a Simple Gift

Read Caz's latest post - The Impact of a Simple Gift We at Upward Sports love this time of year—not just because of the festivities and the joy Christmas brings, but also because there is a heightened awareness around giving. One of the core lessons Upward Sports athletes learn through the 360 Progression is to value being generous and putting others’ needs before their own. There is no better way to do this in the Christmas season than to fully embrace the spirit of giving; after all, the Greatest Gift was given to us at Christmas long ago. We often underestimate the impact a gift—no matter the size—can have, and how gifts are a simple opportunity to share the love of Jesus with others. Who in your life could you reach with a simple gift?

Several of us at Upward Sports had an experience last year that changed our lives and our perspective on giving. We had the privilege to travel alongside the Operation Christmas Child team to Colombia and witness first-hand the impact a small gift can have on a child’s life. Just like Upward Sports knows how something as simple as a ball can change an athlete’s heart for Christ, Operation Christmas Child spreads the love of Jesus with these special shoeboxes for kids around the globe. Given with the right intention, these small gifts make a huge impact. The children receive much more than shoeboxes packed with goodies—they receive a message of hope and salvation.

These kids didn’t want much; even though, we would probably consider them greatly in need. As excited as they were about the gifts, we saw how the realization that they were loved—someone was thinking of them, cared about them, and wanted to give them something special—was more precious than any toy they could’ve received. We invite you to watch part of our Operation Christmas Child experience and to learn more about how you can share love with these amazing kids.

At Upward Sports, we’ve been planning some fun ways to help you get involved with the season of giving. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on how you can help our partners like Operation Christmas Child.

Stay tuned to see how you can help spread joy and hope this season and all year long. Merry Christmas!