Qualities of an Upward Volunteer

Qualities of an Upward Volunteer At Upward Sports, we get asked all the time, “What makes your programs different?” You may think it’s our business model or maybe our program offerings, but we know it’s the passion and intentionality of our volunteers. On a daily basis, these individuals are tirelessly reaching to develop the youth within their communities into better athletes and more importantly into young men and women of strong faith and character. Volunteers are the backbone of every Upward Sports league as they successfully carry out the Upward Sports mission – Promoting the Discovery of Jesus Through Sports.

Every year, there are over 1.25 million people who step into serving their local Upward Sports league. The characteristics that Upward volunteers put on display at every evaluation, every practice, every game day, and every awards celebration can’t be justified with a simple list. With that being said, we’re going to give it a try! Here are just a few of the attributes we have had the pleasure of witnessing from these remarkable individuals on a weekly basis.

Upward Sports volunteers are...

About sports, game rules, coaching, officiating, or how to perform their chosen position.

As Christlike servants to those in their Upward Sports programs.

About serving others and creating a first-class experience for parents and families.

In how they interact with league participants and what takes place at events to ensure a fun and festive atmosphere.

Role Models
To the young athletes they serve, allowing all participants to see Jesus through their actions.

As they show a willingness to put others’ needs above their own.

To consistently taking action to help others feel good and make their community a better place.

As they can be counted on to be punctual, and mentally and physically prepared to help provide a first-class sports experience.

Team Players
Who lend a hand when needed, are open-minded to new ideas, and work with other volunteers to achieve a common goal.

Through proven Upward Sports programming so that they can confidently carry out their roles to the highest ability.

As they serve not for self-recognition, but recognize the bigger picture of influencing those around them to be people of strong faith and character.

To everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, and economic status.

Willing to Learn
So that they will acquire the skills and knowledge to ensure their efforts have the greatest impact on league participants. 

About the mission and making an impact on their community through something as simple as a ball.

Are you being called to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do you want to make a difference in your community? If so, there is no better place to jump in than an Upward Sports league. You will have the ability to make a direct impact on young athletes, their families, and other volunteers, as you yourself begin to transform from the inside out.

Learn more about volunteering, and find a local Upward Sports league near you to become one of our many volunteers, proudly putting the gospel on display so that others can see Christ in you and build a lifelong relationship with Him.