Q&A with Coron Williams

Q: What made you fall in love with the game of basketball?

Williams: I grew up watching my older brother play ball. I would go to his AAU, high school, and college games as well as his practices. I would even go watch him play at the park. I was that one little kid that always ran on the court to shoot at halftime and timeouts and would follow his big brother to court. I was fascinated with the athleticism involved and the skill needed to play. And as I got older and better I just loved seeing the ball go through the net as I continued to practice.”

Q: In your time playing with Robert Morris and Wake Forest, who was the toughest team/player you faced?

Williams: “Toughest team I have faced is probably Syracuse. The 2-3 zone that Syracuse plays is as difficult to play against as any defense I have faced. Because of the length and size of their players it makes it difficult to score but it also makes it even more difficult to rebound. Toughest player I have faced is probably [Portland Trail Blazers' guard] C.J McCollum. He was a player who did it all whether it was on-the-ball or off-the-ball. He could make plays for others but also could make a play for himself, whether that is slashing to the hoop or shooting the ball. His ability to keep his defenders off-balance made it extremely difficult to guard him.” 

Q: Stats show you were an excellent 3 point shooter in college (over 40% in your career). What specific things did you do to improve your shot?

Williams: “Shooting is all about repetition but it is mental as well. For me, I practice shooting shots that I know I will attempt in a game, whether that is spot-up shots, off-the-dribble, or off certain screens. As I get comfortable making these shots my confidence grows, and confidence comes with practice.”

Q: Where are you playing now?

Williams: I just finished up my first season playing professionally overseas. I played in Italy for De'Longhi Treviso.” 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to middle and high school players who want to improve their game and possibly play in college someday?

Williams: I would tell any young player wanting to play college ball someday that "You get out what you put in." So if you thoroughly put the time in to work on your skills good results will follow. If not then you may not get your desired results. In addition college coaches will not accept anything less than your best effort, so it will be crucial to get in the habit of working as hard as you can now.” 

Q: What Bible verse has impacted your life the most, and why?

A: The Bible verse that has impacted my life the most is Acts 20:24, it says: "My life is worthless unless I use it for doing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus..." We all have been called to do a certain work whether that is leading, teaching, serving, encouraging or whatever it may be. But if at the end of our life we are not doing our work for Christ, our life is essentially worthless. This verse forces me to evaluate what I am doing and the motive as to which I am doing it.” 

Coron Williams is a former college basketball player for Wake Forest and Robert Morris, and currently plays for De’Longhi Treviso in Italy. He became the first ever 5th year transfer into Wake Forest, coming over as a post-graduate player from Robert Morris. Williams was an Academic All-ACC player in 2013-14. That same year he was second in the league in 3 point percentage. Williams played high school ball at Christchurch School in Christchurch, VA where he earned all-state honors for Virginia’s Independent School Division. He shot 46% from 3-point range in his senior year in high school. You can follow him on Twitter: @coronw13