How Camps Make a Difference In Your Community

January 14, 2020

There is no denying that, in America, sports matter. Every weekend and many weeknights, local fields and courts are packed with families cheering on young athletes. Water cooler conversations on Monday mornings often revolve around the previous weekend's big game. Every day, 95% of Americans talk about sports directly or indirectly. So, why not leverage sports to reach your community? An Upward Sports camp can help you do just that. 

Upward Sports offers basketball and soccer camps that help connect kids to the gospel in a fun and exciting way. These camps are flexible in their facility needs. You can host them in a gym, park or even a church parking lot! Find a space that's safe, where kids can play and have fun, and you can run a sports camp.

Upward Sports camps are also short, spanning only 3 to 5 days. This allows you to maximize your ministry without having to recruit a lot of volunteers. You can run a camp during spring break or in the summer to complement other ministries in your church, such as VBS. You can also create excitement for your church by hosting a back to school event with a camp.

Sports ministry does not have to be complicated. Upward Sports camps can help you build relationships that spark gospel conversations, all while having fun. See how something as small as a ball can have a big impact on the lives of people in your community.