Finding College Scholarships

Finding financial help for college isn't easy, and can be extremely stressful for both high school students and their parents. The great thing for students in the 21st century is the wealth of resources that exist to help find help. Here are some links to different sites that with help you and your son/daughter take the steps necessary to getting that much needed help in paying for education past high school.

General Tips on the Scholarship Process

The Education Planner does a great job helping with the scholarship search. Here you’ll find help with writing essays, activities to do outside the classroom to help, and info on scholarships with smaller amounts that can benefit.

Fox Business’ Tips for Landing a Scholarship

Fox Business has a great article full of tips on landing a scholarship. One of the best pieces of advice from here is that young people should take applying for a scholarship as serious as applying for a job.

Athletic Scholarships: The Basics

This site gives you advice and tips if you’re looking to earn an athletic scholarship in college. It has great info for young athletes as to what they need to do to qualify, and links to some other informative sites.

Unigo’s Massive Scholarship Search Site

Unigo is a neat site where you can search thousands of different scholarships including Merit-Based ones, Minority ones, and Major Specific ones. The site goes beyond just scholarships though and has a wealth of information on choosing the right school for you.

Forbes: Crowdfunding Graduates

In the era of social media and technology, crowdfunding is becoming a new trend in raising funds for college. This article goes into detail about it and how even colleges themselves are using sites such as Kickstarter to help bring in scholarship money.

Relevant College Directory

Relevant Magazine has put together a great list of Christian universities, seminaries, and gap year programs. Use this site to sort through and see if any of these schools work for you.