8 Types of Team Culture

As you seek to truly define the culture of your team, it helps to incorporate the 360 Progression ideals into everything you do for and with your team. In other words, you should work to become a 360 Coach. This means being an expert in your sport and be effective at teaching all aspects of the game. You’re expected to prioritize your players and their unique needs, treating them like you would want someone to treat your very own child.

In becoming a 360 Coach, you should also focus on total athlete development, training them for success both on and off the court. Your life should also model integrity and character. The impact your actions have on your team will far outweigh the impact of your words.

As you seek to create a positive team culture, look at this article from the Janssen Sports Leadership Center: http://www.janssensportsleadership.com/resources/janssen-blog/what-kind-of-culture-do-you-have-discover-the-7-kinds-of-cultures/ Here you will discover the 8 major types of team culture, and make efforts to create one that produces a positive experience for your players and focuses on their long-term development.