3 Ways to Enjoy the "Madness" With Your Family This March

Read 3 Ways to Enjoy the Madness With Your Family This March

Seeds, bracket busters, Cinderella teams and Madness are all commonly heard terms surrounding the annual NCAA basketball tournament. Few events create this amount of electricity and excitement around the country. As you enjoy watching the games, consider these fun ways you can share this time with your family.

1.  Enjoy a family competition through one of these bracket challenges

  • Traditional Bracket Challenge: Have each person fill out a bracket based on who he or she thinks will win each game. Every correct choice is awarded one point. After the championship game, each person will total his or her points. The person with the most points wins.
  • Mascot Pick: Choose the team you think will win based on your favorite mascots. Enjoy this fun way to watch the game with your young athlete, regardless of their level of basketball knowledge.
  • Coin Flip Challenge: Play the traditional bracket challenge with a twist. Test your luck with this game of chance and make your game watching experience more interesting.
  • Point System Based on Upsets: Using a point system based on upsets is similar to the traditional bracket challenge. Instead of awarding one point for every correct choice, award a point only if the team picked is a higher seed and wins. Award two or more points if the selected team is a lower seed and wins. At the end of the tournament, total the points and the person with the most points wins.
  • Create a fantasy team: Another way to enjoy March Madness is by creating a fantasy team from the players involved in the tournament, regardless of the team they are associated with. Each person picks five players to be on their fantasy team and tallies their stats after each round. The states to track can vary based on your interests, from points to assists, to rebounds, blocks and steals. At the end of the tournament, add up all of your players’ stats and compare them to the other participant’s totals to find out the winner.
    The goal of this bracket challenge is to pick players who you think will both do well all-around and on teams you think will advance deep in the tournament. While this challenge can be a little more involved, it is a great way to bring excitement to the tournament and get your young athlete more engaged by creating a fun learning opportunity.
  • Offer a prize: Award the winner of the March Madness Challenge with a prize. Ensure that the prize is something all parties involved value or have stake in. From award trophies to a cooked meal, you can be as creative with your prize as you wish.

2.  Set aside a specific game each night to enjoy the game as a family

  • Take time to enjoy March Madness with your family. Whether your team is playing or if it is just a game of interest, spend time with your family and connect with your young athlete. Regardless of what stage they are at in their athletic journey, it is always important to relate to their interests and spend time with one another.

3.  Have a watch party with friends and family.

  • This is a great time of year to share with your young athlete. Together, you will be able to watch high-level basketball for the next few weeks. Enjoy the games while having a cookout or invite teammates and their families over to watch the big game. No matter how you enjoy watching the game, we encourage you to spend time in fellowship, creating memories with friends and family as you cheer on your team.

During this basketball tournament season, we encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with your young athlete. Share with us what method you decide to try with your family and how it worked to create some family-friendly Madness at your home this March. #PlayWithPurpose

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