Upward Sports - Cheerleading Commissioner


The Lord has answered many prayers in my life, but to see him answer my prayers that affect so many other people’s lives amazes me.

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Summer Camps

  •  What is Upward Cheerleading Camp?   

    Upward Cheerleading Camp provides a great opportunity for kids in your community to learn about sport of cheerleading.  Upward Sports recognizes the importance of teaching fundamentals such as motions, jumps, pom routines and cheers.  Our camp is structured to teach the sport while also sharing biblical life lessons.


    How will you be equipped?   

    • Every camp director will receive a director's manual, which will serve as a reference guide to conducting an Upward Cheerleading Camp.  This manual includes advertising ideas, staff requirements, coach training, daily camp activities, camp schedule and camp forms.
    • Coaches will receive a camp coach cheerbook includes motions, jumps, cheers, chants, pom routines and team building ideas.  We will provide you with a Cheertunes CD that includes music for pom routines and several cheer camp DVDs.  These resources will help coaches be equipped to teach cheerleading camp.


    What makes Upward Cheerleading Camp a good option? 

    • Parents are seeking healthy, family-oriented programs for their children during the summer.  Camps provide an opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
    • Camps are also easier to administer and require fewer volunteers than leagues, making them a great way to learn how to conduct an upcoming league or train new volunteers.
    • The flexibility of a camp allows for programming during the day, in the evening, over multiple weeks, or even in conjunction with other activities such as Vacation Bible School.
    • Most importantly, camp provides an opportunity to share the gospel with children in your community who have never heard it and may never hear it again.

    If you are interested in learning more about Upward Cheerleading Camp, please see your league director.