Upward Stars: The Performance Division of Upward Sports Upward Stars: The Performance Division of Upward Sports

In 2012, Upward Sports created a Performance Division known as Upward Stars. This expansion provides opportunities for young athletes to further develop their athletic skills and participate in a higher level of competition. Upward Stars programs are for young athletes that have the drive and intensity to perform at a high level of competition.

At Upward Stars, we intentionally focus on the 360 Progression, the development of the total athlete: mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially.

Upward Stars programs offer a unique format that aid in developing the needs of each athlete regardless of experience. We recognize that each athlete has individual skills and needs, so we place priority on meeting each athlete where they are and helping them reach their potential. We take time to focus on long-term development which means encouraging players to try new things, learn by experience, and focus on being a well-rounded athlete. Upward Stars programs increase in intensity with each athlete as they improve; enhancing their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development. Athletes receive evaluations on their current skill level with clear direction on how to improve.

We believe that playing sports should be a life-changing experience that prepares athletes for success on and off the court.

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    Learn more about our Upward Stars Basketball programs for athletes who desire to further develop their skills.

  • Volleyball

    Find out more about our Upward Stars Volleyball programs for young athletes 2nd-12th grade.


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