Flag Football


Flag Football

Football is an enormous part of our country’s sports culture – the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV program in America every single year! Upward Flag Football programs are designed to introduce young athletes to the game and show why it’s so popular, while providing a safe environment to grow as an athlete and as a follower of Christ.

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Flag Football


Upward Flag Football leagues offer a safe, dynamic, and competitive environment for young athletes to both discover and develop the skills and techniques necessary to succeed on both sides of the ball. The slate of practices and games ensures that all flag football participants receive comprehensive instruction and gain a keen understanding of the sport.

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Flag Football


One-day flag football clinics provide a key overview to all elements of football, building out the basics while maximizing the amount of instruction and skill implementation in the short time frame. Designed to focus on the foundations and fundamentals of the game, our clinic curriculum also includes quick, relevant devotions that can plant seeds for further spiritual investment beyond the program. Because of its simple nature, a clinic can be held practically anywhere: a small field at your church or nearby park, or on an overseas mission trip.

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