Cheerleading is a huge part of sporting events at all levels of play. When athletes need encouragement and fans need entertainment, having cheerleaders on hand can take your sports experience to another level!

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Hosting an Upward Basketball or Upward Flag Football league means you also have the opportunity to host a youth cheerleading league. Under the watchful eye of trusted coaches, squads will learn creative cheers and basic routines throughout the season, all while providing excitement and energy on the court or field come gameday!

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The 2015-2016 flag football cheerleading league uniform colors are featured on this cheerleader. Basketball cheerleading league uniform colors for 2015-2016 are featured on the next slide.

The items displayed are strong representations of what you may receive and are subject to change.

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One-day cheerleading clinics provide a fun and flexible overview of the sport of cheerleading, allowing for an enjoyable and education experience in the short time frame. Designed to focus on the foundations and basics of cheerleading, our clinic curriculum also includes quick, relevant devotions that can plant seeds for further spiritual investment beyond the program. Because of its basic nature, a cheer clinic can be held practically anywhere: at any small, safe space at your facility, or on an overseas mission trip.

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