Upward Sports started as a single church basketball league, and basketball has been our most popular sport ever since! From a Recreation League all the way up to Upward Stars, young basketball players can chart their own athletic journeys through multiple levels of programming – all while being developed into total athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially.

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Upward Stars teams compete at the highest levels on the club and travel circuits locally, regionally, and nationally. A rigorous selection process ensures that club coaches excel not only at teaching basketball, but also in leading young athletes by example and in modeling Christlike character on and off the court. As Upward Stars teams travel to tournaments all across the country, players reach their highest aspirational levels while seeking to engage in intentional ministry with other teams and families.

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One of the biggest needs in today’s youth basketball culture is for an environment that focuses almost on skill development and training in fundamentals. There’s a reason Europe churns out such skilled basketball players – they grow up being drilled and drilled in important facets of the game. Upward Developmental Programs, exclusively offered through mission-aligned Certified Leaders, run for six weeks and will significantly help young basketball players improve their individual skill set, understand the game at a more complex level, and be better prepared for their next season of league competition.

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Millions of young athletes have participated in our youth basketball leagues across the country. Hosted by local churches, leagues offer an extended, multi-month opportunity for team-building, player development, and the formation of deep relationships between teammates and coaches. Players will develop a love for basketball and a healthy competitive spirit, and discover skills necessary to excel both on and off the court.

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Basketball camps feature everything you could want in a week-long program: skill development; games and scrimmages; Biblical messages; and the chance to form meaningful relationships with coaches and fellow participants. Similar to a Vacation Bible School program, basketball camps are an ideal way to get your basketball fix in throughout the year, whether that be during the summer or other breaks from school.

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One-day basketball clinics provide a key overview to all elements of basketball, building out the basics while maximizing the amount of development possible in the short time frame.  Designed to focus on the foundations and fundamentals of the game, our clinic curriculum also includes quick, relevant devotions that can plant seeds for further spiritual investment beyond the program. Because of its simple and flexible structure, a clinic can be held practically anywhere: in a gym, in a parking lot, or on an overseas mission trip.

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