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Fun soccer for kids

Upward Blue Star Soccer Facilities and Equipment Recommendations

The rules unique to Upward Sports are designed to provide the best sports experience for every child. Select from the sports below to learn more.

Facilities and Equipment 

Field of Play 

  • Dimensions: Field size can vary given the facilities available (optimum size 60’x 100’).
  • Field markings: The field of play should be marked with two touchlines, two goal lines and divided into two equal sections by the halfway line and a center circle (10’ radius).
  • Goal area: Each goal area will be a 6’ arc (semi-circle) directly in front of each goal.
  • Penalty area: There is no penalty area marked off.
  • Corner spot: Corner spots will be circles with a radius of 12”.
  • Penalty spot: Penalty spots will be circles with a radius of 12” and be located 20’ from the center of the end line.
  • Goal size: The goals are 2.5’ x 6’ (4’ x 6’ goal tipped).

The Ball 

  • K5: Size 3
  • 1st – 2nd Grades: Size 3
  • 3rd – 4th Grades: Size 4
  • 5th – 6th Grades: Size 4

If Upward Soccer is played indoors, the following modifications apply:

Indoor Soccer Balls: Your indoor soccer facility and style of play will determine the kind of soccer ball you will use. If there is continual play off of walls or barriers, a soft suede or synthetic leather-covered ball with good “bounce” is recommended. This adds to the excitement of the game. If touchlines and goal lines are used, a felt or synthetic leather-covered “low-bounce” ball is recommended. This allows the game to keep moving without the ball bouncing all over the court. Another option is to use a soft foam-like ball for younger players. These balls can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or ordered online.