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Follow-up Meeting


Follow-up Meeting

  • You should plan a meeting shortly after the awards celebration when coaches and follow-up volunteers can meet so follow-up assignments can be communicated. Provide a short training session on how to make visits with families.

    An additional tool for follow-up workers is the All-Star Learning to Grow with God books. These age-appropriate books (for K5, first- and second-grade, third- and fourth-grade, fifth- and sixth-grade) help explain what it means to be a Christian. If you are interested in purchasing these books to distribute to those who accept Christ in your Upward Sports Ministry, speak with your league director and have them contact your Upward Sports Partner Support Team.

    If a coach is not present at the follow-up meeting, give that coach’s cards to another follow-up volunteer. Make sure coaches and volunteers know that they are responsible for contacting and/or visiting the people whose cards they have been given. Do not assume that other churches will follow-up with people from their church. Give the names of these people to those churches, but plan your own follow-up as well.

    Communication is the key to a successful follow-up ministry. As the follow-up process continues, you should create written reports of all contacts and pass them along to the league director or appropriate church staff member.