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Coach Training

  • The best way to get all of your coaches on the same page in terms of what to expect and how to coach is to conduct a Coach Training Conference. This conference is your one chance to set the tone for your season. We understand that the thought of conducting a coach training can lead to doubts about whether or not you will be able to cover everything that coaches need to know.  Therefore, we’ve made it simple through the Upward Cheerleading Coach Training Guide.  Your league director will supply you with enough copies of this booklet for all of your coaches so that each will have one at training.  It will serve as their guide as you instruct them during this meeting.  As coaches use their coach training guide, you should train using the Coach Training PowerPoint (accessible via MyUpward.org) for your training outline. Take time prior to the conference to design the presentation that will best serve your coaches. For more information on these resources, check out your Cheerleading Commissioner Manual.  


     Here are some of the materials you will need for your coach training:   

    •  Coach Training Guides for each coach   
    •  Cheerleading Coach Training Kit   
    •  Coach Training PowerPoint   
    •  Audio and visual equipment (laptop, projector, etc.)   
    •  Cheerleading coach applications (available at MyUpward.org)   
    •  Copies of the league calendar   
    •  Background check forms (see your league director for this item)  


    Coach Training Guides  

     At your coach training, you will need to distribute these booklets to your coaches, which will serve as their guide during the meeting and beyond. In it will be valuable information on their role as a coach as well their responsibilities during practices and games.  It will also serve as their companion piece as you train them on their specific responsibilities as an Upward Cheerleading Coach. This guide also includes a layout of your coaches first practice. Prepare all your coaches at your coach training by reviewing this practice 1 outlet so they are confident and equipped for their first practice.  


     To help you with this event, the following tools have been provided: