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Coach Commissioner Responsibilities

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Coach Commissioner Responsibilities

  • As coach commissioner, you play a vital role in delivering the Upward Experience to all participants by selecting volunteers and equipping them with everything they need to coach in your league.  Here are some essential responsibilities of an Upward Basketball Coach Commissioner:

    Qualify and Recruit Coaches
    Coaches have the greatest impact on your league. Each team created needs two coaches assigned to them. 

    Train Coaches
    All coaches must attend a Coach Training Conference.  This is the opportunity to share how each coach plays a pivotal role in shaping the Upward Experience for every participant.

    Evaluate Coaches
    Throughout the season, evaluate each coach at both practices and games.   You should also provide parents a parent feedback form so that parents can take part in the evaluation of their coach.  Both the coach evaluation form and parent feedback form can be downloaded by clicking on the tabs on the right under Resources.

    Oversee and Encourage Coaches
    As coach commissioner, you serve as the point person for your coaches.  You should continually provide instruction and encouragement throughout the season.

    Communicate and coordinate efforts with the league director, the other coach commissioner, and the referee commissioner.