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The Upward Basketball Coach

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The Upward Basketball Coach

  • Upward Basketball is designed to be a competitive and fun environment for kids. This environment rests in the hands of the coach at practices and games. It is up to the coach to equip players with the athletic skills they are pursuing and to be an ambassador for sportsmanship and character on and off the court. The coach’s ability to do this will have a direct effect on the players’ openness to the gospel.

    The success of a coach is not based on wins and losses.  It is based on how he or she stresses the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and respect. That is the Upward Experience, a great ministry experience through a great sport experience. 

    An Upward Basketball Coach is one that is equally strong in both ministry and sport.  A coach that is strong with all ministry aspects but weak in teaching the sport will leave many parents appreciative of his/her efforts, but unfulfilled in their child’s sport development.  Likewise, a coach strong in sport development but weak in the ministry components will create an experience that falls short of your church’s true goal of impacting your community. The parents and players on that coach’s team will be involved in “just another basketball league.” Protect the experience in your league. Seek out coaches that can deliver the Upward Experience.

    For all Upward Basketball coaching needs, direct your coaches to www.Upward.org/upwardcoach. This site has been created to better serve Upward Basketball Coaches and is only accessible through this URL.

    What behaviors create a great ministry experience through an Upward Basketball Coach? 

    Connecting with each player as the season progresses. 
    The coach should know each player’s name and edify him or her at every opportunity.  They need to communicate that they care about them as a person and not just as a player by their actions.

    Sharing Christ-centered devotions at each practice. 
    This should be an important time for the coach. Preparation is key so that this time is not breezed through.  Devotions are the most important time of each practice.

    Coaching with the 2 Corinthians 4:18 philosophy:  “Don’t focus on the seen but the unseen.  The seen is temporary but the unseen is eternal.”
    Most of the time, the outcome of a game is forgotten within a few weeks. The ability a coach has to make a difference in the life of a child by sharing their faith with players could make an eternal impact. Coaches should keep this perspective as the season progresses.

    Sharing Christ through their actions. 
    It is not through sharing devotions alone that a child is impacted.  It is through a coach showing Christ in their actions.  Do players see Christ reflected through their coach? 

    What behaviors create a great sport experience through an Upward Basketball Coach?

    Knowledge of the sport. 
    Coaches should know the sport well so they are able to teach it.

    Teaches fundamentals. 
    Fundamentals are the building blocks to success in a sport.  A great coach can build the fundamentals in each player. 

    Applies life principals to sport moments. 
    Life lessons can be taught through sports.  In many situations, you can tie in life principles.  For example, how do you react when your team loses?  We do not always win in life.  So, how does a coach translate that to a life application to teach a child a lifelong lesson?

    Promotes a love for the game. 
    At this young age, it is important to promote a love for the game.  As kids grow up and stop playing organized sports, they should still be active and enjoy the opportunity to play the game.